Kathy Pace Technology Scholarship

The Kathy Pace Technology Scholarship honors the late Kathy Pace, who strongly believed in supporting the community. As the role of technology changes, the next generation of technology professionals need to possess the compassion and commitment to use technology as a tool to improve the world we live in.

The $5,000 scholarship is awarded to one rising freshman, undergraduate or graduate student pursuing higher education in a technology-related field. The scholarship can be used to pay for tuition and/or other school related expenses.

The deadline to apply is May 1st, 2023.

Apply for Scholarship

The Kathy Pace Technology Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

  • The scholarship is not restricted to incoming freshman. Any technology student, at any level of higher education: rising freshman, undergraduate, or graduate student, is encouraged to apply.
  • The student must be pursuing a degree in a technology related field.

  • The student must attend an accredited college in Texas or Louisiana.

  • All required documents must be submitted prior to the deadline.



Submission Requirements

The student chosen for the scholarship should embody the spirit of encouraging and supporting others, and demonstrate care for both the people around them, and for their community. To apply for the Kathy Pace Technology Scholarship, please submit all of the following required documents:

  1. Unofficial Copy of High School or College Transcript

  2. Degree Plan from College Student Services

  3. Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

  4. Personal Statement/Application “Essay” (Maximum 800 Words), describing what technology means to you and how you hope to work with technology in the future.

We want to award this scholarship to a student who exemplifies our values. We believe technology is a tool that should be used to help businesses and the community succeed together. 

Chris Pace CEO

Scholarship Application

Have questions? Please email people@centretechnologies.com.